50Tons Zinc Free Galvanized Coil Sent to Australia

50 Tons Zinc Free Galvanized Coil Sent to Australia

Recently, a shipment of 50 tons of zinc-free galvanized coil was sent to Australia. On October 31st, 2022, our company had the privilege of serving a customer from Australia who required 50 tons of Zinc Free Galvanized Steel Coils for His Roofing Panels Factory. Our DX51D+Z Zinc Free Galvanized Coils were the ideal choice for their requirements. Known for their exceptional corrosion resistance, DX51D+Z Zinc Free Galvanized Coils are widely used in industries where exposure to corrosive substances is a constant challenge.

Advantages of 50 Tons Zinc Free Galvanized Coil Sent to Australia

  • First and foremost, the absence of zinc in the galvanized coil is a significant advantage. Zinc is a common coating material used to protect steel from corrosion. However, it has been found that zinc can have detrimental effects on the environment, particularly when it leaches into water sources. By using zinc-free galvanized coil, construction projects can reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Another benefit of using zinc-free galvanized coil is its improved durability. Traditional galvanized coil with zinc coating is susceptible to corrosion over time, especially in harsh weather conditions. This can lead to structural weaknesses and the need for frequent maintenance and repairs. In contrast, zinc-free galvanized coil is designed to be more resistant to corrosion, ensuring that construction projects remain sturdy and reliable for years to come.
  • Furthermore, the absence of zinc in the galvanized coil eliminates the risk of galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals come into contact with each other in the presence of an electrolyte, such as water or moisture. The zinc coating on traditional galvanized coil can act as a sacrificial anode, protecting the steel underneath. However, when the zinc coating is absent, there is no sacrificial anode, and galvanic corrosion becomes a potential issue. To mitigate this risk, zinc-free galvanized coil is specially formulated with alternative corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring that construction projects remain free from galvanic corrosion.
  • In addition to its environmental and durability benefits, zinc-free galvanized coil also offers improved aesthetics. Traditional galvanized coil with zinc coating can develop a dull, grayish appearance over time, which may not be desirable for certain construction projects. Zinc-free galvanized coil, on the other hand, maintains its original appearance for longer, providing a more visually appealing finish. This is particularly important for projects where aesthetics play a significant role, such as residential buildings or commercial spaces.
  • Lastly, the use of zinc-free galvanized coil can also have financial benefits for construction projects. While the initial cost of zinc-free galvanized coil may be slightly higher than traditional galvanized coil, the long-term savings in maintenance and repairs can outweigh this initial investment. With its improved durability and resistance to corrosion, construction projects can save on maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of their structures.

Reasons to Choose Gnee

Gnee ensures that our galvanized steel coil with international standards and customer requirements. At the same time, we have established a quality management system, including full process control from raw material procurement to production and processing, quality testing, packaging and transportation.

Gnee offers a wide range of galvanised coil products, including gi coil of different materials, specifications and standards to meet the needs of different customers. Ensure that the products supplied have high strength, corrosion resistance and reliability.

We provide customized hot dip galvanized steel coil products and solutions according to customer needs. Work closely with customers to understand their specific requirements and provide professional advice and technical support.

Gnee adheres to delivery deadlines to ensure that the gi steel sheet roll products required by customers are delivered on time. Establish an efficient supply chain management and logistics system to ensure timely transportation and delivery.

Gnee provides comprehensive after-sales support, including product quality problem solving, technical consultation and after-sales service response. Establish good communication channels with customers to ensure timely response and resolution of customer problems and needs.

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